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jeep tj 4bt swap

  1. new project jeep TJ and want to do cummins 4BT swap

    Axles & Differentials
    hi how are you guy Am new on this so hope you guys can help me, I have a 1999 TJ and want to do it diesel I have the engine already so my question is I want to do 1 ton axles what kind of axle do you guys recommend I will appreciate it thanks
  2. Sold!!!! Selling my 4bt

    General Classifieds
    Looking to sell my 4bt setup that is in my Jeep. Located in North Central Indiana. It is a VE pump 4bt. about 9000 miles on fresh rebuild. Engine is still in jeep coupled with a custom aluminum CNC GM bell housing adapter with the GM Manual flywheel. Transmission is a Jeep AX-15 with a Novak...
  3. dana 60s under my TJ

    Suspension Design
    The project is to build a 97 tj from the ground up with my mid 80's gm dana 60s. I have a 97 TJ frame and the axles sitting in my Garage (I realize it may have been easier to buy a junked jeep and just swap the main components out but this is how I'm doing it). I understand that I am going to...
  4. 4BT Swap Legality?

    General Discussion
    Hey yall, rather new here in that I've only posted once haha. I'm not sure if there is a dedicated thread or anything, but I live in Lake County, Ohio which is one of the 7 counties out of 88 that requires E Checks and whatnot. I am having one heck of a time trying to find a loophole so i can...
  5. 4BT Swap into my 2000 Jeep TJ

    Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    I just wanted to start this thread and say hey, I am new here so bear with me haha! I have started gathering my parts this month for the swap and I hope to start the project this December. I am excited this will be my first engine swap ever and I have been educating myself like crazy. If anyone...
  6. Question for those in BC, Canada

    General Discussion
    So i've been doing research (like so many of us) into swapping a 4bt into my jeep TJ. According to an ICBC rep, you cant by law swap an engine into your vehicle here unless the motor is newer then your vehicle. What are you all doing to get around this? 1) Register in another province? 2) hope...
  7. 4bt into 04 jeep wrangler

    General Discussion
    Hi, im new with the whole 4bt motor but have owned a few dodge cummins pickups, so i have a lot of questions. 1. will it be possible to have a 4bt cummins swap into an 04 jeep? and be a legal DD? 2. i would perfer the p pump so what different vehicles have that motor in it or where can i get one...
  8. 4BT lots of black smoke possible???

    Performance Discussion
    i was looking at converting my 99 jeep wrangler to a 4BT and was wondering if there was a way to make it put out large ammounts of black smoke without programers (not really a wiring harness) thank you
  9. G'day EH

    Personal Introductions
    :DG'day everyone, just joined due to a recent off roading tour in a custom rock buggy with anold BT6 Bus engine. What a ride! Diesel power baby....... im hooked! Im pretty grenn to the whole diesel scene and would greatly appriciate some info on a swap im interested in. I have a 1997 TJ and am...