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  1. Gas to Diesel Conversion Questions about Lift Pumps

    General Discussion
    I’m performing a 6BT 12v swap on a 98 Chevy K2500 currently running a 5.7 vortec engine and have a few questions about converting the fuel system. The in-line gas fuel filter. Remove it and replace it with a short length of hose or line? Both the current, gas, in-tank pump and the Cummins lift...
  2. 4BT piston lift pump fuel line

    Performance Discussion
    While swapping out my diaphragm style lift pump for the low pressure piston lift pump on my VE pump 3.9, I found out that the fuel line that I ordered (p/n 3914753) will not work on my application. On the recommended fuel line I have, the last bend that needs to go to the filter head goes...
  3. HELP! Confusing and aggravating situation! Lift pump???? Or????

    General Discussion
    This situation is happening with my 1980 International Scout, 4BT, ZF 5 speed (build thread here) There are a lot of clues and bits of info in the story, I will include everything I think MIGHT be significant, even though some of it might end up not being significant. After finishing the...
  4. Engine Repairs & Stacking the Deck Against Yourself

    General Discussion
    This is only a suggestion for the newer folks with limited Cummins engine exposure and pertains to doing multiple engine repairs to a running engine and ending up with an engine that will not start. The first thing you should do is a test run of your engine immediately after your purchase...

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