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  1. Range Rover HSE, Isuzu Diesel 4bd1t

    Vehicles For Sale
    This is a unique engine swap vehicle. Will only sell to person with some mechanical ability. Very Fuel efficient getting close to 1000kms a tank on the hwy 85litre tank Can drive to vancouver on 1 tank !!! *1996 Range rover chassis. Low 150xxxkms Coil spring conversion with manual air assist...
  2. Range Rover + 4BD1T (P38 HSE 1996)

    Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    I know some people don't get out much on this forum and explore the sub forums, There are allot of Cummins 4bt fans here, I like them too. Don't forget about the Isuzu 4bd1t its a also a 3.9 direct injection 4cyl turbo. like cousins Im swapping mine into a 1996 Range Rover HSE. Check out...
  3. 4BT @350ft-lb Help

    Performance Discussion
    I'm wanting to swap my 4.2L V6 in my F150 for a 4BT. It has a M5R2 tranny and from what I have heard the M5R2 can handle 350ft-lbs of torque. What could be done to get the 4BT to about 350ft-lbs on a budget? I'm looking for a mild performance boost. I don't know if I will be running the engine...
  4. M5OD-R2 help

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    Will the M5OD-R2 (M5R2?) mate to a 4BT? More importantly, I don't know the torque ratings of the transmission, will it handle a 4BT? Does anyone know the actual torque ratings for the M5OD-R2? If I could run a upgraded motor that would mean I could put some money into engine performance and not...
  5. '89 F-150 Issues & Questions

    Show Off Other Car, Truck and Fab Projects
    I looked at a decent '89 F-150 this morning. It's a 4.9L and stick shift (should be M5R2), long bed regular cab. The old 300 is pretty strong and doesn't appear to burn any oil. Indicated mileage is 04XXX, not sure if it's 104K, 204K, 304K, or what. I know a guy with a similar '88 and he's...