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  1. Dodge Ram 1500/2500 For Travel

    Other Engine Swaps
    I have been contemplating buying an 04 or 05 dodge ram 4x4. The hinge in my choice is what frame I will need for my build. I have spent the last few months researching different small displacement diesel engines for one sole purpose... MPG. I will be driving 2000 miles a month for work. There...
  2. om603 fuel line

    Performance Discussion
    I've read that the fuel line in the w126 is insufficient and can cause insufficient flow and fuel vaporization. I believe I've deduced a solution, pressurize the line. I bought a mr gasket 105 gph pump capable of 14 psi with a regulator 4-14 psi. I also ordered the neccesary fittings, hoses...
  3. OM617 to 99 TJ Wrangle HELP!

    Mercedes OM617 & Variants
    Hello everyone, I'm new here for now but am in the process of creating a build thread for my 1999 TJ Wrangler I'm swapping an om617 mercedes diesel into. I have all the pictures together and description but wont be posting until it's complete. Anywho, I am stuck right now though.. When I...
  4. SCRAPPED!! Mercedes 5 cylinder turbodiesel NO LONGER for sale

    General Classifieds
    Hi all, Up for sale is a 1981 mercedes engine. The pad next to the oil filter canister has the following numbers stamped in it: 617 951 12 009 944 I have seen the engine run, and the turbo did spool. It's been several years, but I don't recall a bunch of oil smoke or any rod knocks...
  5. Need Help On Conversion For Economy.NOT POWER OR WHEELIN.

    General Discussion
    Victim 2001 Ford Ranger 177,XXX miles Standard cab with short bed 2.5L I4 Faulty engine management,faulty ABS,and bad valve(s) 4R55E auto tranny on it's way out Vehicle usage. Hauling trash and making long runs (250-300 miles each way) to pick up and drop off food donations on a regular...
  6. New to the 4bt world from KS

    Personal Introductions
    Hiya, now that I actually have a 4bt, I can be more of a participator instead of a lurker! I've plenty of projects going on, just need more hours in the day! 94 F250 7.3 IDI, soon to be hypermax turbo'd 85 F350 6.9 Banks turbo 4x4 UGLY!!!!! 85 F250, waiting for a 7.3 with an ATS turbo or 4bt...