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  1. Need some help!

    General Discussion
    Hello good people! Im looking to swap a 4bt or 6bt in a 1977 Dodge Sportsman, class c RV, depending which would be simplest, cheaper and fuel efficient; give or take. Its a 22ft RV, weighs around 10k lbs. It has a 360, duelly and not sure what trans. Im leaning to the 4bt due to space, hoping...
  2. What engine to use 12v or 4bt?

    General Discussion
    I have a 1999 dodge ram 1500 2wd sc/lb v8 and I'm looking to put either a 4bt in it or a 12v. I know that with the 12v I can basically just drop the motor in the truck with minimal work besides beefing up the front end some snd the fuel mileage would be great in this size truck, I dont much...
  3. Cummins in Fleetwood Flair RV

    Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    This project is a 1990 Fleetwood Flair RV converted to Cummins 4BT power. The Flair is model 22D. The smallest class A motor home made (that I know of). Flair is 22 ft 10 in long, 8 ft wide and 10 ft high (roof air unit is 1 ft higher). GVW is 11500. Original delivered weight with all options...
  4. Why my Milage Sucks

    General Discussion
    Just filled the tank again and my milage is really sucking. I have justified it by saying my driving style is bad or whatever, but Im still getting around 17MPG mixed city and Highway. My gears are 2.73 with 31" tires and with OD Im still thinking this is too far down on the fuel consumption...
  5. thinking about a cummins for my 79 ramcharger

    General Discussion
    hi everyone. i registered like a year or so ago but haven't been here much. been wheeling my truck alot and put off a lot of ideas. sorry for the long winded post... my RC has the original 360 in it now but i already swapped a NV4500 and dana 300 into it. it was a 727/203 combo(fulltime). saw...