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  1. JEEP YJ, CJ and TJ and Universal 4BT Engine Mounts!!

    Vendor Showcase
    FarmStrongInc If you are looking for quality American made off road parts and custom fabrication services at a reasonable price, you have come to the right place! Farm Strong Inc. was founded by a hard working American guy who is committed to providing quality products backed by friendly...
  2. Custom AC compressor Bracket

    Cummins Tech Section
    I made an AC compressor bracket and i figured i would post it in its own thread. The AC has proved as hard as anything in the rest of my swap. The mount is for a Sanden 7320 8 groove Compressor. Turns out Sanden's measurement of the mounting holes was incorrect, so be careful and measure...
  3. Vibration, noise and motor mounts

    General Discussion
    After noticing a few posts mentioning motor mounts and vibration and noise issues. I thought I would take a video of the wagoneer idling but in Neutral and In Gear. Its a 4bta with a 47RH, I dont know anything about the Torque Converter but it seem to have a pretty low stall. Its mounted on...
  4. Mounting Holes Dimensions

    Cummins Tech Section
    Any one have a good engineering drawing or just the dimensions of the motor mount bracket holes on the sides of the 4bt? Im thinking of simplifying my mounts and it helps me to 3d Model them. Thanks,