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  1. Performance Discussion
    I am swapping mine into an 03 F150 Supercrew. It will be a Family vehicle, and i want to be able to talk while going down the road. It is the XLT package so its pretty quiet, but i'm double layering some foil backed sound proofing material. My initial plan is to use the exhaust from the Chip...
  2. General Classifieds
    hey Guys, some parts for sale: I have the motor mount brackets from the bread van off of my 4bta, engine side, passenger and driver side. heartthrob 101 turbo muffler 3" offset inlet, 3" centered outlet. used for about 100miles auto tranny Shifter linkage from a 1995 Dodge Ram. ill take...
  3. General Classifieds
    Hey guys, I ended up with an extra flowmaster series 70 muffler, 3" in and out, center/center. Its new and never opened in the box. Im going to send it back to summit in a week or so, but if someone is intereseted in it. I will sell it for what summit charges and I will pay for shipping (...
1-3 of 3 Results