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  1. Cummins Tech Section
    Will give a quick run down on my build. Put a reconditioned 4bta from in my 2002 jeep TJ. Is mated to stock tranny and transfer case. (NV3550 NP231) both where gone through and look over by zumbrota bearing and gear. Also have the dinky stock axles. (Dana 30 and 35) I built this...
  2. General Discussion
    After noticing a few posts mentioning motor mounts and vibration and noise issues. I thought I would take a video of the wagoneer idling but in Neutral and In Gear. Its a 4bta with a 47RH, I dont know anything about the Torque Converter but it seem to have a pretty low stall. Its mounted on...
1-2 of 2 Results