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  1. General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am a new member to the forum but have been viewing for months. I am 17 and living in Spring Creek NC. I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4 door with a 4.0L and ax-15 5 speed that is completely stock right now. Down the road I am going to build it into a rock crawler overlander. I want...
  2. Mercedes OM617 & Variants
    Im pretty stumped onto what happened to my OM617. I bought the motor from a running car i heard it run it ran great brought it home changed from main seal rear main seal (bottom half) had the oil pan cut and tagged with mercedesdiesel4x4 kit.Put a new water pump and gasket new bypass hose and...
  3. Mercedes OM617 & Variants
    Hello everyone, I'm new here for now but am in the process of creating a build thread for my 1999 TJ Wrangler I'm swapping an om617 mercedes diesel into. I have all the pictures together and description but wont be posting until it's complete. Anywho, I am stuck right now though.. When I...
  4. Mercedes OM617 & Variants
    currently working on oil-lines, and have started wondering if the stock oil-cooler is really necessary? Other then reduced oil capacity...are there any other issues I may encounter in a non-autobahn continent? thanks, manny motor is an om617 w/a dual remote oil filter...going into my...
  5. Mercedes OM617 & Variants
  6. Mercedes OM617 & Variants
    Im pondering instead of using the first gear button under the pedal put a switch and just keep it on all the time ill try it out on my 79 first. the only way to accelerate is to floor it then it drops in to first then at wot it shifts into second with a chirp i think it would be much better to...
  7. Mercedes OM617 & Variants
    i want to upgrade the 3k turbo on the om617 what size should i use. i will be running the mpg max wm injection from snow performance an fmic and the pump turned up with bosio nozzles the motor is in a 1993 gmc so i do have room for a twin setup maybe use the 3k and hx 40 ?
  8. Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    should i use the mercedes tranny and make new a drive shaft and shifter linkage or should i make a adaptor to the freshly rebuilt 4l60e on the truck . im very excited to start my buildbounce i had to beg for a layoff from my job to build my truck finaly got it at 2am tonite:beer:. i would like...
1-8 of 8 Results