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  1. Transmission Choices

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    I have a 1988 Bronco 2 on a full size bronco frame with a 4bt engine. I bought this rig partially put together, and slowly fixing it up and using it as an around town car right now. The problem is it's got a 2wd th400 transmission in it and I want to convert it to 4wd. I could get an adapter...
  2. SOLD!!! Gear Vendors Overdrive

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    Fits GM trucks with NP205 transfer case. Was on an automatic(TH400) but will also work on a manual(SM465). This is kit number 3D0205A from gear vendors. Unit needs rebuilt, so selling as a good core. The electronics are in fair condition. The foot switch, signal interrupter, and speedo...
  3. NV4500 rebuilt and never installed early low first gear GM version

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    the bad part-its long tailshaft 2WD and came out of box truck. if you want it 4x4 then you just buy a 4wd mainshaft and R/R the shaft and you are good to go. I see them selling new on ebay for $100 paid 1200, need the garage space and the cash taking $800+ship and ship should be cheap-email...