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  1. 6bt P pumped mechanical lift pump tech needed

    Cummins Tech Section
    OK, I've been spending lot's of time and seem to be getting nowhere in finding 6bt lift pump numbers and specs then there are so-called high performance versions of the same pumps one was claimed to be suitable for a 750 HP build and again no specs so I'm seeking input and an education on these...
  2. SOLD!!! P7100 Conversion

    General Classifieds
    P7100 Injection Pump from a 1994 Cummins 6BT. 190HP Pump Includes: Pump, Gear, Timing Gear Case, Cover, Injectors, Lines, Lift Pump, and all hardware. $1000 - NO TRADES Located in Columbus, IN Local Pick up or buyer pays shipping. Call or Text 937-six two one-0877
  3. 1947 Ford 6BT/Roadranger/DRW Slammed Chassis

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    Some 'personal issues' came about........ long story short.... my entire project and associated parts (got I can't even count) go out the door for $6500..... 1947 Ford 1.5 ton 1 cab, 1 hood, 3 sets of fenders, 3 front grills (1 prestine mint a1a) Cummins 6BT P7100 MINT extremely lo miles and...
  4. Case PTO power unit --- 4BT with an A Pump

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    Before I decide to do something crazy like list this on eBay, I thought I would offer it up to this forum. Let me begin by apologizing for the pics. I took these pics yesterday near the end of the day. Memphis along with most of the southeastern half of country have had lots of clouds, rain...