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  1. General Discussion
    I’ve got a turbocharged Perkins 6.353 out of 760 combine that Im attempting to put in an 83 k3500 single cab gmc and was wondering where do I find the front balancer, what can I get it off of. Also as far as the flywheel and clutch or flexplate for an auto, where and what kind do I use for...
  2. Other Engine Swaps
    I have been contemplating buying an 04 or 05 dodge ram 4x4. The hinge in my choice is what frame I will need for my build. I have spent the last few months researching different small displacement diesel engines for one sole purpose... MPG. I will be driving 2000 miles a month for work. There...
  3. Detroit, Perkins, Caterpillar
    hi im beginning the process of taking out a 7.3 powerstroke out of my 95 f450 super duty. and since im a massey ferguson man I am putting in a AT6354.4 perkins out of a 750 massey combine. im planning on mating the perkins to the ZF 5-speed that came in the truck and I have most everything...
  4. Detroit, Perkins, Caterpillar
    Hey all! I've been working on my 1973 IH Travelette for a few years now, at first it was just a standby hauler until I got some money together. Now it's down to the frame and the thirsty 345 V8 has made way for a 1980 6.354 Perkins mated to an IH T-34 OD trans. I know my way around a diesel...
1-4 of 6 Results