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  1. Want to Buy
    I have a 1989 4BT out of a bread truck and need to buy a working hydraulic steering pump with its gear attached. My pump is making screeching noise and I think the pressed fit gear is free spinning and not gripping. I can buy the pump local but I cannot get the gear to seat properly all the way...
  2. General Classifieds
    I have for sale a brand new 4bt P7100 injection pump built by Northeast Diesel Service. I never put the pump on anything. Decided to go a different route. Pump benched and flowed 675cc of fuel maximum. Custom upgraded cam, full cut delivery valves. Custom fuel plate. I have over $3600 invested...
  3. Cummins Tech Section
    A local diesel shop has a bosch pump, but it looks diffenent then what I have seen on 4bts. Is this a pump I could use on a 4bt? Here is the number that are on the id tag: NR 0460494213 VE R 315 147-0462-20 circled 011 850 90314
  4. Performance Discussion
    A few months ago i decided to finally turn up the ve pump, i turned the starwheel, fuel pin, and adjusted the timing. i also had the 3200rpm gov spring put in soon after. it was all going fine and the spring changed my top speed to 80mph (its in a jeep so thats fast enough for me!) i was...
  5. Cummins Tech Section
    Injectors are good, and have been pressure checked. Valves adjusted Compression test good, all 4 around 400 I still have a miss. Low power, poor fuel economy. If I keep the idle around 760 when i put it in gear it LOPES. What else to check?
1-5 of 6 Results