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  1. Buildup Showcase Threads - All Engines, Vehicles
    Hey everyone, this project is a '94 Xtra cab Toyota pickup. My plans for it include a 3-53 Detroit Diesel from a Gamma Goat, turbo, solid front axle, a custom outdoor camper bed (kind of like a Patriot camper, but a bed, not a trailer), external rollcage that will double as an air tank, NV4500...
  2. Cummins into Fords
    So been cruising my 97 ranger for a few years now with the 4bt. But have bent a leaf spring in the front end so I suppose it's as good of time as any to go to coils. Running dana30hp. No not changing axle I love it and it's plenty for me. What is everyone running for coils on the ranger sas...
1-2 of 2 Results