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  1. Starter Spacer PN 3906647 or 3934080

    Want to Buy
    I'm in need of a good condition Starter Spacer, PN 3906647 or 3934080. If you have a good serviceable one for sale, please send me a message.
  2. GM to Cummins conversion kit

    General Classifieds
    Hey guys, I have a 4bt that is mated to an SM-465. I'm ditching the Chevy manual, and am either going to dodge manual or Chevy auto. Id like to sell/trade the Adapter plate, bell housing, starter, flywheel, and clutch plate if anyone is interested. Edit: Was looking to get $1000 for it...
  3. WTB starter spacer for 4bt with Ford adapter

    Want to Buy
    I'm looking for a starter spacer for a 4bt with the Ford small block adapter and 2 bolt starter. I believe the part number is 3934080. If any one has one they would like to sell or knows where to find one please let me know. Thanks
  4. gm flywheel housing for sae3 housing

    General Classifieds
    I have a gm flywheel housing, fkexplate, and starter for a 3.9 and am wanting to trade straight across for housing flexplate and starter for a sae 3 stuff pm me for more details
  5. WTB: Detroit 4-71 core starter; old or newer type

    Want to Buy
    My starter & alternator rebuild shop says he cannot find a replacement "gear" (bendix?) to use on the old 4-71 starter I took him. This is a 24 volt starter that fits on the "passenger" side. Anyone have either the old starter or the newer replacement starter lying around? It doesn't matter...
  6. 4BT-GM adapter, flywheel, clutch, starter FOR SALE

    General Classifieds
    *SOLD* 4BT-GM adapter, flywheel, clutch, starter *SOLD* ** Thanks to everyone who inquired. The first guy that responded took it ALL! ** 4BT/6BT to GM engine adapter, w/bolts: $100 + shipping. 4BT flywheel, NO grooves in clutch face, w/bolts: $125 + shipping (warning: HEAVY!). Starter, works...
  7. Starter spacer

    General Discussion
    All I need now to get my 4bt wranger going is a starter spacer I have a NV4500 trany but the starter seems to need to be spaced out. Anyone know what spacer to use and where to find it? Thanks Senor Dos Colitas