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  1. Want to buy a step van, need advice... 3.9 ISB vs 4BT?

    General Discussion
    Hey, So I'm looking for a step van to convert into a camper and need some advice. I've been looking for a 4BT for obvious reasons, but am having trouble finding one exactly how I want - barn doors at the back, 18ft cargo area, 7' tall inside, highway gears, max 10,000 GVW, 16" wheels... I've...
  2. GMC P3500 with GMC B 3.9L/4BT 5 speed manual

    General Discussion
    I Just bought a 1993 GMC P 3500 step van. What should I know about general maintenance and upkeep. I have never owned a Vehicle with a diesel engine before. I had Intermittent problems with power bringing it home over a 500 mile stretch. Some times it would barely do 45 MPH up a slight...
  3. WANTED - Stock 4BT on anywhere on the West Coast

    Want to Buy
    Not looking for a reman or modified, just stock pulled 4BT or 4BTA from your step van or bread truck. Got that extra 4BT in the back of the shop taking up space? That's what I am looking for. Would like to stay somewhere in the 1500 dollar range; dependent on condition obviously. Can pick up...
  4. Newby with 4BT question

    Cummins into Fords
    I have located a step van locally. they guy wants to keep the box, but wants to sell the 1980 4bt and trubo 400 tranny (5k miles on new tranny). He will also sell the radiator and drive line with it. The motor is still in an i'll have to pull it. He wants 3k for the motor and trans. Is it worth...
  5. 4BT in Grumman step van, drives good. Ford e-350 chassis '77

    Vehicles For Sale
    Can drive it home complete. Clean title in hand. Or make offer for the engine/trans stuff. Includes a block mounted air compressor if desired.
  6. Finding a stepvan

    Want to Buy
    I want to know how you guys that got a step van found yours. I contacted Fritolay and they sent me over to an auction site dovebidding or something like that. Is that how yall found the step vans? Craigslist has not helped. Ebay only found rebuilt motors for over $3K I drove around looking...
  7. 22' Step Van dual rear wheels with 4BT --- Memphis, TN

    Vehicles For Sale
    I bought two more step vans yesterday. I am offering one of them immediately to this group and saving the other one for a future 4BT swap project. The dimensions are about 22feet long by 7.5 feet wide by about 6feet 9 inches clear inside the box. 4 speed manual (I am going to guess that this is...