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  1. Isuzu 4BD1T/2T
    Hello there, I am looking for some torque specs for my 1988 4bd1t ... Does anyone know the bolt torque specs of the fuel deliver and fuel return lines? Also looking for Pressure plate bolt specs and torque specs of fly wheel housing to bell housing bolts? Thanks!
  2. General Discussion
    Hello im new here. I have a 1993 dodge dakota ext cab 4x4 with 3 inch suspension lift. Has 3.55 gears. The trans just took a crap on me and we have a local diesel shop that ill be working with to put a 4bt/47rh into the truck. Im wanting to build it but I wanna do it from a different stand...
  3. Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    So Im stuck between keeping my np435 and putting an advanced adapters torque splitter on it or switching to a zf 5 speed. I really like my 4 speed and think it would be fun to have a gear selection of 8 foreward gears and two reverse gears but my issues are first how do I move my trans mount...
  4. General Classifieds
    3 Auctions, here's the links! Bid if interested! Thanks Cummins to GM Adapter Kit GM/Chevy TH400 Transmission...
1-4 of 4 Results