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turbo 400

  1. Looking for 4bt bellhousing adaptor to a turbo 400/700r4

    Want to Buy
    I am In need of an adaptor for my 4bt aNd I am also looking for either a turbo 400 or a 700r4. I will also need a torque converter with a low stall or a lockup. I am in central Indy, but am willing to travel, or will pay to ship.
  2. 4BT TH 400 Transmission

    Transmission, Adapter, Transfercase Discussion
    I am soon starting a new project with 4BT, and I am tring to figure out what TH400 Transmission people are using with there motors. I know they need vacuum to shift but I've heard there are some that work off of a cable hooked to the throttle to sense when to shift, Where can i get one of these...