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  1. Need help picking a turbo and fuel plate! And suggestions!

    Performance Discussion
    So for fuel modifications for my P-pumped 4bt I'm running raptor fuel pump, and a 4k governor spring with stock injectors (which i want to keep with stock). On the engine I have 60# over valve springs. The engine is intercooled air to air with a cold air intake. Im most likely going to do a fuel...
  2. H1C Turbo upgrade questions?

    Performance Discussion
    My 4BT does not have motor tags (so no clue about 105 or 120hp) but it does have tags on the Holset H1C the assembly number is 3525699 which after researching shows it has a 46cm intake and 16cm exhaust. I have a couple questions about upgrades if anyone has time to weigh in. Goals: 150ish hp...