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    What is the general method to repair or tune up the valve seats? And is it something that can be DIY, or is a machine shop a must? Are the seats replaceable? I can't seem to find much info on this forum, let alone even on the G00gle. Will a simple valve lapping be sufficient. I may replace...
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    for sale or trade: Bosch A type injection pump w/rsv governor.$500 Injector lines.$100 6 Stock injectors (all injectors are working, but should be rebuilt before use).$50 for set Timing gear case w/bosch A type pump bolt pattern.$75 Bosch A pump drive gear.$50 Water to air intake mounted...
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    8 Top Hat style valve seals for a 4bt/6bt. These are genuine cummins seals. $30 shipped.
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    PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS THREAD FOR FUTURE REFERENCES Dodge NV4500 hydraulic clutch line adapter fittings: <=Hose Adapters <=Into Ford