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  1. 4BT piston lift pump fuel line

    Performance Discussion
    While swapping out my diaphragm style lift pump for the low pressure piston lift pump on my VE pump 3.9, I found out that the fuel line that I ordered (p/n 3914753) will not work on my application. On the recommended fuel line I have, the last bend that needs to go to the filter head goes...
  2. 40-50hp injectors for 4bt

    General Discussion
    Hey I'm new to the site. You guys always seem to have the answers to everyone's questions. I've got an 83 short bed Chevy 2wd. Finally found a 4bt a few weeks ago and started working on it. It's a VE pump, hy35, and I'm still needing the gov. Spring and fuel pin. Im wanting 40-50hp injectors...
  3. 4bt not starting.. Please Help!

    Cummins Tech Section
    I recently rebuilt a 1993 Ve-pumped, CARB 4bt out of a bread van from the bottom up. It will run when you hold a gas soaked rag to the intake, and the pump appears to be in working order since i can visibly see fuel spay out when purging air(and i have tried this with 1 injector removed, which...
  4. Problem: WOT on start up.

    General Discussion
    Have just replaced all the seals required to fix my two pump leaks from the Throttle Shaft, and the Manual Fuel Shut off, and installed a 3200 RPM Spring. Now with everything reassembled the truck will go straight to WOT upon start up. I made marks on the throttle linkage but they came off with...