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  1. Common Rail
    I have got my hands on a gorgeous 2001 3.9l ISB 170 4bt common rail attached to an Allison 1000 with only 80k miles on it! But the wiring harness and ECM were stolen. I can't for the life of me find on these forums.... Where can I find am Engine side wiring harness and/or ECM?
  2. Cummins 6BT / 5.9 Conversions
    Swapping a 1st gen 6BT into a 1998 Chevy gas K2500. What is the ideal location to pull 12v run/start power for the fuel solenoid on the VE injection pump? I believe that’s the only wiring needed for the injection pump, correct?
  3. Cummins Tech Section
    Need some help. I’ve got a 1987 4BT in my 84 CJ7 which came factory with a tach, that I’d like to keep. Will I need a new tach? If not how do I wire this one up? My mechanic mentioned something about Autometer selling something to attach to the alternator but he wasn’t very sure. Any help is...
  4. Cummins Tech Section
    Got a question, My engine came with a block heater but the guy who pulled the engine from the bread truck cut the wire mid length and trashed the plug. Im trying to wire a new plug on the wire and Looking at the end that screws on to the block, it appears that either wire can go to hot or...
1-4 of 4 Results