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Hi, I have been having troubles with this Prado land Cruiser starting and idling and low RPM power.
Firstly I have been running it on the lower grade diesel oil #2 here in Japan very much what they sell in the pumps.
No trouble codes in the ECU. Engine starts after considerable cranking and acceleration is very weak till the RPM hits about 1,500 then plenty of power....Idling is very erratic and fells like it wants to stall.....and has been just recently. Blows puffs of smoke and sounds like it is misfiring.
Have checked all sensors and ultimately changed them on the pump. SPV, Fuel temp, RPM, trimming sensors, timing control solenoid. Cleaned all 3 filters in the pump. still same problem....Internal pump pressure good too...however leaving the timing control connector disconnected the engine runs perfectly No misfire or puffs of smoke. Still sluggish acceleration and hard starting. Plug the connector back in and the puffs of smoke and misfiring and hunting returns......I'm baffled as this pump was fully rebuilt 130,000 kms ago.
I tried diesel fuel #5 which the truckies use here in Japan and the starting issues were lessened but troubles were still there, disconnect the timing valve.....smooth idle no power, connect it rough idle smoke puffs with power above 1,500 rpm good.
Has anybody come across this before and may I respectfully ask the community if I am missing something here.....
Thanks all.
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