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More pictures here for sale

All steel Henry Ford body with Gaslight steel fenders. 4 inch chop, '32 gas tank out back.
Running gear is a 4bt Cummins diesel with a hx-35 turbo, M5R2 5 speed transmission, and 9 inch rear axle.
Interior has exposed wood ceiling and floors with vinyl and Zodiac seats and side panels.
Suspension is a CE front I-beam with split wishbones and in the rear is a 2 link with a transverse spring.
This is a great car. Fun to drive, tons of torque, and gets 25-30 mpg's depending how much fun you're having. It has served as my daily transportation for about the last 5 years and is very road proven. It has just a bit under 20,000 miles.
I'm the builder of this, know the car inside and out and can answer anything you need or provide more pictures of something specific.
I'm located in Northern California.
Asking Price $27K
I can be reached by PM or at 707 599 2315 Thanks, Matt
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