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This is what we are starting with. Boss wants a diesel, so I figured 4bt. Trucker built it for the boss in his spare time as you can tell. So, here is what I was thinking...
4bt swap in place of 350/th350
Now with that being said, what trans? If it is an Auto which one? Manual means I gotta swap in all the stuff (not an issue). It is a truck to cruise and show. I would like to get a wrecker rear axle to get duals. Any ideas? Any input would help on relieving body panels to fit the 4bt. We want to be able to roast them tires and roll coal. MPG not an issue. Was thinking of running the intake tube to where the cowl vent used to be so I could build a kustom air box their for CAI. Open to suggestions. This build is slated farther down the road. I just finished rewiring his 65 Ford F100 with Crown Vic PI engine. Next is his 56 Caddy 4 door and a diesel 1960 Mercedes.


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