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There are at least a couple of us on here doing the swap. Each unique to the parts we chose and the way we wanted to go. The way I did mine:

I have a 65 body on a 69 chassis. The V8 chassis and the 4 cyl chassis and body are different. The V8 has a different front crossmember and front bulkhead. I welded in a new crossmember to match the position of the V8 crossmember then cut out the 4 cyl one. I obtained a V8 bulkhead and cut out the 4 cyl bulkhead. This provided plenty of room for the 4BT. I originally did this to fit a Chevy V8.

I doubt the original tranny is up to the job. I'm using a Chevy NV4500 with a Chevy 205 transfer case. I'm using all Dodge parts to bolt the tranny up to the Cummins. Had to change the tranny input shaft to the Dodge version. I also had to clearance the firewall just bit to fit the starter.

69 800 chassis, 65 body, 78 scout power steering box, hydroboost brakes, 78 scout front dana 44, 69 scout rear dana 44, cummins 4bt, Chevy NV4500, Chevy 205, 2 inch lift, 33's

I allready had the NV4500/205 combo from my previous small block setup. I used Dodge parts because I had no adapter and the Dodge was the easiest to source.

I currently run 4.10's and will see how that is for a while. If I don't like the ratio I will swap in a rear dana 60 with 3.54's

Perhaps others will chime in with how they did it.
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