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I’m selling my 1980 IH Scout II Diesel. It has been my part-time daily driver for 20 years. $7,500.
Yes it's the same one at the top of the page. It now has a 1978 grill do to a confrontation with a 65 Power Wagon, just grill damage.
Came from the factory with the Nissan SD33T Diesel. In 1999 I repowered it with a Cummins 4BT.
Engine Mileage: unknown.
Less than 50,000 miles on the rest of the drivetrain.
The 4BT came from a wrecked Frito Lay van. Last compression test was 375 psi for cylinders 1-3 and 400 psi for #4, which is excellent for a Diesel. Oil pressure is between 25 psi (hot idle) and 80 psi (cold). All of the drive train was bought new before the swap. The injection pump (VE) and injectors were rebuilt in 2012 which included a reman distributor head, $1,500.
Radiator is from a Chevy S10
The front accessory drive (serpentine belt, fan, Alt, AC pump location)on the engine was converted to the 93-94 Dodge Cummins.
Replaced the vacuum Brake booster with hydroboost.
Clutch, Flywheel from a 94 Dodge Diesel.
Transmission: Dodge NV4500 5 speed (for a 94 Dodge Diesel)
Transfer Case: Atlas 2 speed with 4.33 low range.
Suspension lift: Skyjacker 4” springs.
Tire size: 33-10.50-15
Axles: D44 with 3.73 gears. Both axles have Dana Spicer PowerLoc limited slip differentials.
Turbocharger: Holset HE221W
Intercooler from 91-93 Dodge Diesel
It has a grid heater from a 93 Dodge 6B for extreme cold starts.
It has a 120 vac Block heater.
Battery is a Optima Blue top D27M, 900 CCA
It has a ORD 37 gallon poly fuel cell, means you can travel at least 600 miles between fill ups.
Has a functioning under dash Air Conditioning unit, blows cold.
Fuel mileage: in town low 20’s, highway; high 20’s
Fuel mileage towing a 3500 lb RV: 17-18mpg up to 65 mpg
I have part numbers or the application for all the non-Scout parts.
Since it has always been a diesel, there was no problem in passing emissions testing in Maricopa County AZ.
Front Seats are Bestop Jeep seats
I fabricated a roll bar and added 3-point seat belts.
Custom rear bumper with integrated class III hitch and 7 pin RV connector connected to a Prodigy P2 RV brake controller.
The Scout has some rust which is common for Scouts. I bought pre fab sheet metal to rebuild the front cab mounts and rocker panels.
What your getting is a good daily driver that needs some TLC to be perfect or scrap the comfort, put on a set of 1 ton axles and go extreme 4 wheeling or pull the drive train and put it something you already own.
It’s time for someone else to enjoy the Scout.

Follow the links in my signature for most of the pics.
PM me for more info

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More pics:

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more pics:
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