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Up for grabs here is this fine example of a very rare GMC Van-T conversion by El-Dorado. For those of you who aren't familiar (and there really is no shame with not being familiar with something of this caliber, because it really is one of the ugliest things on the planet, which is what makes it cool...:dustin:) there were several of these and other Van conversions done on both GM and Ford products. The idea was they took 1 ton frame, with a Van front portion, and put a 'low-profile' bed on them to tow a 5th wheel. It was not quite the success that it was thought to be, and consequently few were done. However, in this day and time, unusual things are sometimes considered interesting, and this is about as unusual as it gets. With a gas engine, this thing is really fairly useless in my opinion, however, I believe with a diesel swap, it could be a lot of fun, and something really different and cool if done right.

It has been in the family since I was about 2 years old, and has spent most of that sitting inside a hangar without an engine, as the SBC that was in it spun a bearing, and it was a rebuild project that my dad never got around to doing. So after getting into diesel and primarily cummins swaps, I decided this thing was a candidate.

I have a 6BT out of 93 D-250, (VE pump) it has around 140k miles on the engine, runs great, starts great, it was removed from a truck that the body was just beat to death, and so the guy parted out the truck.

I have a ZF-5 transmission, with the complete Ford Adaptor, bell housing (if you choose to not use the ZF), flywheel, and starter to go with it to mate to the 6BT.

The truck has a GM 14 bolt rear with 4.10's, it will come with a TH400 trans, and a whole bunch of SBC parts, and other random things. The truck is complete minus the engine. It has dual fuel tanks, and all the standard options these things came with from then. It has a rear bench seat that folds flat into a bed, and sliding side rear windows.

I also no longer have time to get to this truck, so it needs to find a new home. It has no rust on it - it has lived in Midland, Tx all of its life, and most of that it has been inside. My vision was to get the engine/trans swap done on it, redo the interior into some cool colors (like gray, black, with red accents), some cool TV monitors in it, LED lighting, a nice sound system, etc. Dual stacks with heat shields for the exhaust, LED clearance lights (because it already has them), LED markers in the tailgate, some LED runners along the side, etc. Paint the outside flat black, keep the roof white, and put a small thin red pinstripe down the side. I'm just throwing the ideas I had out there...

Anyways, asking $3500 for the whole shebang, it's located in Midland, TX. PM me if interested, and we can figure it out from there.
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