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have a 1986 chevy Silverado and a wrecked 1994 dodge with 12 valve 5 speed. have a few question's?

1. what to do about the front end has a d60 I think, pumpkins on the passenger side, dodge is on the driver side :/ also its currently a 4 speed.

2. do I need or should I do any type of body lift?

3. some motor mount pics would be helpful, I'm gonna build my own. I have a shear and brake press!

4. speedometer and cage setup, stock cluster doesn't have rpms so ill add that somehow.

5. power steering and ac

6. alternator setup, use chevy or dodge?

I'm sure there's more, appreciate any help, ive had the square body half my life, so I'm nervous!

P.S will keep you updated, I will make a fb page eventually

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1. Don't know exactly, but the answer of how to use your chevy np205 TC behind that dodge nv4500 trans is on here in many places. Search for it... Also found this on advance adapters' website:
NP205 originally coupled to a SM465 or TH400: Found in 1985-91 vehicles, this transfer case has a long stick out of approximately 3.50”, and a female 32 spline input. The bolt pattern is a circular-six configuration. This transfer case uses a larger front bearing than the 10 and 27 spline transfer cases. When using this transfer case, caution should be used with regards to the length of spline engagement. Transfer cases with this long stick out may require a spacer adapter PN50-6910 or modifications to the transmission output shaft for proper spline engagement without pre-loading the transmission or transfer case bearings. Note: 1985 TH400 could have a short 2" input stickout with the circular 6 bolt pattern. NP205 Input NP205 32 Spline Input
2. Folks using Scott's mounts from Tennessee Diesel Conversions have reported that even d60 front axle trucks can be done with no lift.
Not sure if his mounts need a lift, but rube bonet on here does the most beautiful fab parts for chevy frames and mounts.
3. If you can afford it, get all your stuff from Scott ^^^ TDC. I think his personal truck is in the year range of yours and his mounts, clutch master parts, and knowledge will make it plug and play.
Also consider rube bonet as he offers a number of things that scott does not. I am thinking in particular about his frame plates. His stuff truly exhibits an aerospace level of execution and finish.
4. Lots of pimpin' dashes on here. Search for gauges not cages, LOL.
5. Again, its all on here, so search fer it... Also see TDC for the beta on custom hoses to go from dodge to chevy.
6. ^^^ Scott has a way to use the dodge alternator, I think...

Here is Scott's vendor thread:
This is rube bonet's thread which like so any on here is jacked up thanks to photbucket:
As a cautionary tale of how out of control this hobby can get when in the hands of an artist and perfectionist, look at this thread to see what ryanroo did to his '72 K20:

Good luck

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Welcome to the forum. We don't see as many GM swaps as others but they are done.
1. Your best bet would be to source a Dodge NP205 transfer case with the 29 spline input. That will bolt to the NV4500 found in the '94 and has a passenger's side drop just like a GM. You could sell the '94 transfer case to help with the cost.
2. Body lift may or may not be needed but you will have to modify the front crossmember to clear the Cummins oil pan. As was mentioned, member Rube Bonet makes an excellent replacement.
3. On engine mounts, might look at a company in Montana, called Auto World. They specialize in GM swaps and may already have what you need. Buying theirs may save you a lot of time and headaches. Here's a link to their site.
4. You will need at least 3 gauges to properly monitor a diesel. A tach, a boost gauge, and a pyrometer. These are basic necessities on any turbo diesel. A fuel pressure gauge can also prove useful.
5. The power steering on the Dodge can be adapted to your GM. The AC can as well but you'll probably need some custom hoses. This may require notching the frame. An alternate would be the Ford/Freightliner high mount alternator/ac system. Puts the ac compressor in a higher position away from the frame. See photo below from Rube Bonet's build. You didn't mention it, but you need to decide whether to go with hydroboost brakes.
6. Alternators can go several different ways. The GM can be used or the Dodge or a medium duty truck Delco unit found on that high mount I mentioned. You'll want a good unit because you'll be upgrading to dual batteries if you don't have them now.

Here's a couple photos of the Ford high mount set up I mentioned. The last photo is on a 4bt. Note it has the water inlet turned down at the bottom. On the GM you need the straight out type to clear the frame. Here's links to a couple of builds you may want to read. The first is Ryanroo's '72 K20. Keep some towels handy as you will be drooling. The second was Rube Bonet's build of an '88 Blazer but unfortunately all his photos have disappeared. I consider that a tragedy.


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