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Russ, Sorry I forget to mention this to you. The old brain sometimes keeps ideas hidden.
Another trick I found to get at the "hidden" nut on the VE pump is to drop the power steering pump. Leave it attached and, then you can get to the hidden nut with a swivel socket.
This entire job was a violation of the old rule: "Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance".... I went out to the shop to get the numbers off of the VE pump and picked up some tools...

This truck was built about 10 years ago, with the systems added over the first couple of years - Dodge vacuum/power steering pump, high mount air conditioning compressor, cruise control, "PULL-TO-STOP" cable. Definitely looked like an electrical engineer did the mechanical installation...

I did remove the power steering pump. Seems that I dropped a 13mm nut between the vac/PS pump and the engine block... Went the extra effort to disconnect the hoses - the high pressure hose is Dodge at one end and Ford at the other end and I did not want to screw that hose up...

A 13mm socket, with several 1/4" extensions, gave me just enough "swivel" to teach around the back side of the VE pump. Each of the 13mm nuts required a different tool - and 1/12th of a turn at a time in one instance

I did create 4 pages of handwritten disassembly notes (only forgot to write down a couple of steps)... Handy to help on reassembly, since it took a few days (we were getting the mother in law "settled-in" to assisted living - lots of paperwork and small items to attend to).

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