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1990 Bronco with John Deere 4045 Turbo

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I am currently installing this package in 1990 Bronco with a 6 inch lift also installed. If anyone has any questions PLEASE ask.


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Some more pics which may be helpfull.


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I believe it was also available, as well as VP pump. The Turbocharged 4045 had a DB4 Stanadyne Pump, which can be built for over 300HP.
Very cool, I've looked at this engine as well. Is that a big block or diesel zf5? Where is the adapter from?

7.3 ZF5 and custom adapter and flywheel. John Deere never got involved with automotive. Myself and Machinist designed and manufactured those parts.
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I am not sure these pics ended up proper, anyways I should get better at it. The trans and transfer case ended up 4" further ahead than stock.
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The very common Genset exhaust manifold mounts the turbo at the top, providing a extra mount for elbow that supports outlet pipe. This
exhaust manifold mounting to engine is symmetrical, and can be turned over. The injection lines are well clear, and the return line was
easily moved away from the edge of the manifold, all I need now is a 90 degree T4 To T4 elbow. I may have to fab one, Any source idea
on this part would be helpful.

thanks, Steve


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Thanks, but its not round. I will do similar with bought flanges, then fab up 4 pieces for the 90 transition, and make a weldment. Thanks for the effort to help.
Hi, I am very interested in your Bronco with a 4045 John Deere Turbo project as I use to be a farmer in Minnesota and love John Deere engines however now I live in Houston, TX.
I take it that your using the original transmission with that and where did you get the plate to bolt that onto the 4045 JD?
Thank you very much for posting this.
Its a Ford ZF5 transmission that is the same length as the original trans, and the stock Transfer Case bolts right on. The engine plate and flywheel are custom, designed
by myself and my machinist Buddy. Thanks for your interest.
What I'd do: Model the T4 flange in your favorite CAD program to use a weld elbow of correct size and have cut them out for you. I model tapped holes at the tap drill size or a little smaller (sometimes they leave a start/stop that needs to be cleaned up before tapping the hole).
Thanks, but its not round. I will do similar with bought flanges, then fab up 4 pieces for the 90 transition, and make a weldment. Thanks for the effort to help.
This pic shows the custom flywheel, which consists of machined stock flywheel and

Machine Engineering Circle Water Science

part of the original dual mass flywheel , with considerable machining. I could not us the original 12 1/4" flywheel because
it had no vibration isolator springs, so I ended up using a early 7.3 diesel 11 inch clutch.
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Why a T4 turbo flange? What useful turbo uses that size these days?
Stock Turbo on JD4045
Hard to Say, that's the exciting part ;)
Thanks. one is Garrett and the other Borg Warner, same application.


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Here's your Borg Warner:

It's a large non wastegated turbo for low boost. It's gonna be lazy and slow on-road.
I'd fit a T3 flange and find a Holset HX30.
Thanks for checking into that. I am a ways away from optimizing HP
Thanks again for you help, and what you say makes sense now, after seeing the T4 to T3 adapters all over. Trying to use the stock manifold, pushes the turbo closer
to the steering shaft. the 45 angled stock manifolds are hard to find, this aint no CUMMINS, bigger chunk of iron. :)
Yes, they are Industrial and Marine, never went after automotive, that I am aware of.
UPDATE, the SS 90 degree elbow I have ordered is T4 to T3 , so the HX30 turbo,s are not that easy to find, so I pulled the HX35W of the 24V Cummins I have for sale, and
will use that, together with a 30 percent increase in fuel. I should have some pics early next week.

Thanks , Steve
HX35 is too big for these engines and won't make much boost until very high rpm. The HX30 is a lot more active.
Well this subject has a lot of content on this site. Some have had GOOD luck with using it, but I realize there
are lots of variables. If nothing else, I will have a T3 mount for playing.


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