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I'm wanting to do a swap, but i'm on a budget with time and money. What kind of things am i going to have to worry about if I did a swap. It has a standard 5-speed and currently a 350. I've heard of people doing swaps with the diesels. But if i am not mistaken those would be bbc mounts. So? Will small block mounts work or am i going to need to mod some? From what i've read i shouldn't need to relocate the tranny and transfer. Correct?
I would appreciate any help. I traded my s-10 for this truck and got a smokin deal so i'm having a had time trading it in. So the only thing that i could think to do with it is the 4bt :idea: so i can afford to drive it. Just had a baby so can't afford gas prices. So this is the last chance for the big old beast. So I would love it if any one could help. :dustin:


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