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My F-150's gutless wonder 302 is about on it's like leg, and I'm wanting to replace it with a 4bt. Seems like I could get the mpg, performance, and engine life that I want. I've got a general idea of what's involved parts wise, but I was hoping that some of you guys that have done Fords could help me out with some of the details.
The truck's a 4x4 so I know I need to get a 4bt w/ the rear sump oil pan. I'm pretty sure that I can use motor mounts meant for a 6bt/Ford conversion and know of few places to get them from.
What's got me confused is the accessories and the tranny. The truck is a 5 spd and to keep costs down I'd like to reuse it. Probably won't hold up to abuse, but I fiqure w/ just daily driving duties, it should hold till I can get the cash for a ZF and adaptor. I've read thru the posts and alot of ppl talk about the frito's trucks w/ ford or chevy bell housings. Anyone know if the 5 spd'll bolt up to the ford bell housing and were I can find one? If not, were I can find an adaptor to mate the 5 spd?
With the accessories, where the original engine's accessories used? Or did you have to find accessories to go with the 4bt?
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