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I have a 4bt p pump recently taken out of my swapped land cruiser. The pump and truck was running before the pump was pulled. I happened to go out to tune the afc a bit after a small trip we took and after taking off the afc housing and fuel plate I looked down into the pump to check things out and to my surprise found a broken part. One of the yoke ears on the governor arm lever had broken but the pieces were contained in place. There is no evidence of damage or loose parts in the pump and the truck was running just fine. I ordered a replacement lever ($120) and after some consideration just decided to buy a new pump to be safe. I was going to put this one back together but I figured whoever buys it will probably want to look over it or maybe have a pump shop look at it and make sure things are up to spec. You'll notice there is some rtv sealant at the front of the pump, that was an effort to stop a small oil leak which I believe is coming from the seal inside (not the o-ring on the outside that goes into the timing case). All parts from the teardown are there and it will come with stock governor springs/fuel plate. I am located in western colorado, but we can see about working out shipping or meet-half-way kind of thing as well. I have an idea in mind for what I'd like to get, but I'm not sure what a fair price on these are so feel free to drop some input or offers. Thanks, Steve


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