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Time for an update. over 14k miles on the swap. Got the rear gear changed over to 4.56. Its almost perfect now and I can use 5th gear. Havent run a tank though yet but I will definitely see a tiny FE increase as there is no lugging around town or from a stop. Also hooked up the glow plugs a few weeks ago since its getting cold now. I skipped the ECU and just run them off a relay with a push button and made a harness as the factory is junk. Next up im fabing up a front bumper to get some tire clearance and most importantly fit a larger intercooler. Id post pics caint figure out how to from google drive like i do on other sites.

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So its been asked and I actually have numbers for the cost of a swap like this. So here they are. It came out of a spread sheet so just scroll down. Im sure it could be done cheaper. Most of the money is in upgrades.

$2,500.00 Dodge dakota 2001 quad cab 5 speed 4X4
$1050 Awsome! Adapter from TD conversions
$60.00 Rear bushings
$400.00 Rear end
$52.46 rear shackles
$96.00 fuel pump gas
$5.00 blower resistor
$78.00 fuel filler neck
$33.00 fuel tank bolts
$20.00 cobalt drill bit
$700.00 VW Beatle 2002 TDI
$72.00 window regulators 2/headlight switch
$20.00 clock spring for cruise control
$9.00 headlight bulbs
$54.40 window reg/spare Jack /carrier crank.
$375.00 Mtdi 300TDI pump! Shipped!
-$12.00 scrap rear end
-$200.00 sold bug shell
$145.56 new jeep 4L flywheel and dodge clutch
$122.00 motor mount kit
$10.00 flywheel bolts
$16.00 rear main Seal
$19.00 trans mount
$23.68 tools for VW
$18.54 fastenal bolts
$170.00 Ross Tech VCDS cable
$80.00 AFN Exhaust manifold
$80.00 AC compressor bracket
$10.00 3/8 coolant caps
$33.00 electrical conectors
$21.00 serpentine belt
$45.00 timing tool kit.
$50.00 Steering shaft
-$100.00 sold evo trans
$861.07 turbo BV43a new
$45.00 intake pipe
$142.44 I'd parts gasket oil drain
$69.00 oil feed
-$150.00 sold stock vnt15
$36.72 3bar map sensor.
$89.99 diesel pump E718M
$24.00 clear fuel line
$19.73 oil pressure sender
$52.82 aluminum 1 1/4 pipes
$92.46 POR 15
$11.99 vag com cable
$477.03 Malone tune &flasher.
$28.99 vac tool
$37.54 uperradiator hose.
$6.00 fuel clamps
$18.00 fuel filter
$72.98 power steering hose. Pirtek
$94.55 intercooler MR2 side mount
$195.48 exhaust flex Mandrel 2.5 stainless 304 pipe
$24.03 turbo flange
$190.00 EGT/Boost gauge
$15 Orb NPT fittings
$29.94 Exhaust wrap 90 coupler
$559.00 R520 stage 4 injectors
$70.95 Dakota digital box
$150.00 Timing belt/ pump tstat
$100.00 cam gear and bolts
$450.00 rear ring and pinion 4.56
$64.29 Rack seal and outer tie rods
$74.52 16ga steel sheet
-$36.00 v8 4.7 sold for scrap
$146.00 AFN dampner PN: 028105243Q
$178.09 oil cooler for 3.2
$162.00 ARP head studs
$103.00 serpentine belt tensioner

$5,581.64 Total swap cost no truck
$9,513.25 My Total cost including Truck and its broken stuff.

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Looking good. I don't see the trans adapter in you cost breakdown? Maybe I donated it? ;>)

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Shocks are in and stock sway bar is gonna work jus need to extend the end links an inch and will work fine.


So I drove it today to bed in the brakes and just a road worthy shake down.


And here is full droop on the driver side. You caint tell but tire is off ground. I was adjusting the ride height here.


Tomorrow if I get a chance to work on it Ill go dump the the couple hundred pounds of scrap metal in the bed and then I can work on alignment and the front inner fenders, bump stops and I guess at that point its ready to be a daily again.

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So I got the arts and crafts done and I now have front inner fenders. It actually was not as hard to do as I was thinking.
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Light
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

I went up one hole on the shackles and ended up at 45" to center fender rear and the front is at 43" Might drop the rear some more will see.
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

Last thing to do for daily driver status again is swap in my rear gears. Front is empty will get to that later.
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