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Hello everyone. I was looking around online to see if anyone has ever swaped a 4bt Cummins into a 2006 Dodge dakota. I have yet to find someone that has. I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota and would like to swap a 4bt into it in the future. I know I'd be able to make it work but I still cannot find the answer to my biggest concern: the electrical system. For instance, something as simple as a check engine light. Or how would I hook up the mpg so it still works? What about the tow/haul? What else would be effected by the engine swap. I have no concerns about making it work. I know she'd run and drive. I just don't know about all of the electronics there after.

I was thinking since it is an '06 would I be better off going with the 3.9 ISB cummins instead of a mechanical 4bt? Would it be easier to hook up the electronics to the ISB? Also what kind of transmission would I have to look into getting?

If anyone can help me figure this out it would be great. I know the electrical system can be adapted because I saw bruiser conversions do 2008 jeeps. I just don't know how...

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