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47Rh to 208 AM Transfercase?

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Beginning to assemble parts for my future 83' Jeep Cherokee swap. I would like to keep my current 208 transfer case and use a dodge 47rh transmission, and was wondering has anyone tried this set up yet? If not does anyone know if the trans will bolt to the transfer case or will I have to change in the transfer case input? Thanks for all the help you guys have pioneered for us.
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which side drop is yours? the 81-93 dodge 208's drop on the pass side. i'm gonna use one of those in my crewcab for the 6bt behind my rh trans.
drop side?

I have a drivers side drop, so it may work with the 47rh. If not, then I may be able to take the input shaft out of the pass. side drop transfer case and swap it in. Just wanted to find out before I start taking things apart. If I need to get a different transfer case then I will start looking.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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