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Thank you DarylB!

That info saves a lot of time and headaches!:D

I'm looking at those specs and it shows 800 stall, wondering how well it works and runs. (curious since every trans guy's been telling me 1200 stall)

That price is for the converter and includes the welded-on modification?

My specs:
4BT, P30 GM auto adapter, stock P30 flexplate/crankspacer/wave ring,
700R4 from a 4x4 diesel (slightly built), NP208 Transfer, and a GV gear splitter (gives me 8 gears in 2WD---700R ratios great for diesel but they are WIDE for the 4BT shift points).

Hope this isn't considered a thread hijack, seems relavent though...

Best Regards,
I plan on doing the same exact setup but was wondering if the tranny had to be out of a diesel? thank you
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