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Correct. I've had a few members contact me about this but I'm unaware if anyone has bought one from him yet. I figure Shipping is going to run you $25-45 UPS Ground (it's heavy), but fill us in if you do buy one.

Since the 4BT GM vans had a Factory TH400/475 Auto, the standard 400 converter has an 11.5" diameter bolt pattern, 6 bolt pattern. I did some research and they only made an 10.5" pattern w/ 6 lugs on a 700R4 (For the 6.2L diesels I believe). I brought him my flywheel so he could have a look. He said basically they have little flanges they can weld on a converter to mount the bolts - he was suprised when they sent him my converter. He said they made it beefier since it was for a Diesel. The ring is 1/2" thick. He recommended the 800 stall since the diesel is rather torquey. The guy has been building Auto's for nearly 30 years, so I trust em. He does custom racing converters so I figure he's got the expertise to know what stall works on what engine.

I believe a stock 4L80E has the same bolt pattern as the TH400 and has 6 lugs, some folks like to run that tranny. Too much of a HP draw for me, length, weight, gear ratios too. 700R4 is the way to go IMO.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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