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i have been toying with the idea of swaping in a 4bt into my blazer for awhile now. id like to keep the 700r4 but put in a stronger one. what do i need to complete the swap? what do i do for motor mounts? will i have to do a body lift? is there any shops in CA that can do the swap for me (don't have alot of free time)? will my 1/2 ton axles hold up?
There are mounts that are bolt and some that will need to be made to fit .The 1/2 axles will work fine as long as you don't go above 35'' and keep it on the street,the gears could have 3:08 ,3:42 or 3:73 most were 3:08 that would be great for fuel milage.

Take some time and do you research ,find out what you have and what you want and then see how much Money you have !
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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