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i have just found this great site and have been searching around for a couple hours and still have a couple questions

i have a 1993 dodge dakota 4x4 auto with a 5.2 v8, i love the power but gas mileage sucks, anyways i am wanting to convert to a 4bt to hopefully get 20mpg+, i am wanting to do it on the cheap just at first, i want to use the stock trans, transfer case and axles, i realize i will have to mode the oil pan to get it to fit without a solid axle swap and a body lift to get it ot fit under the hood, i have extensive fab skills and can make engine mounts and crossmembers but i just need some info on the compadability of the engine and trans

1. i realize that the gas torque converter would be too loose for optimal performance due to too much stall but can the truck be drivable with the gaser converter?

2. what parts would i need to bolt up the 46rh stock trans to a 4bt?

3. is there any major differences between the 4bt's that would effect swapping the engine into my truck

i am planning on just keeping it stock now, eventually going to a heavier duty auto trans and torque conveter along with solid dana 44s, then i can up the boost on engine, just looking for better gas mileage now with a stock drivetrain

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