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4BT/ NV4500 Placement in 1983 CJ7

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We have started swapping a 4BT VE Pump in a CJ7 with a NV4500. Where do yall place the combo for the best results? I picked up a set of Farmstronglogic motor mounts and marked on the frame where they should go but have a lot of room behind the engine. Did this work for the ones who did this combo? Or would you have moved the engine back some and if you did that was your gear shifter still in the right place in the cut out? I am also a high school teacher doing this with his class so trying to get all the info I can.
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Discussion Starter · #32 · Jul 12, 2019 (Edited)

I've been measuring. No way I can use the radiator from the van in the jeep. I "might" be able to use the intercooler if I run electric fans. The best radiator option seems to be a Champion all aluminum model for a Mustang. Product 338. It puts both the inlet and outlet on the passenger side so the hoses are short and easy. And, it is physically very close to the Wranglers factory radiator in size.

A few dimensions for posterity, although I'm sure they are lurking here somewhere already.

Rear of block to front of fan mounting surface on pulley is 24-1/2"
Rear of block to front of fan clutch is 29-1/4"
Rear of block to bolt hole in van engine mount is 18"
Transmission adapter is 2"
Bellhousing is 6"
T-19 Transmission is 11-1/2"
Motor mount hole to mounting foot hole on rear of trans is 41"
Height from motor mount surface to top of intake is 23", but I'll have to allow some squish on the mounts. This makes the motor sit very deep in the jeep, which you all already knew. Definitely swapping ends with the oil pan.
Back of block to rear of valve cover is 1", and I'm going to set the block 1" from the firewall.

Front to back there is 39" between the grill shell and the firewall in a wrangler. Plenty of room.
The jeep frame rails are 28-3/16" Inside and 33-1/8" outside.
Inside wheel wells are roughly 30" apart. Again, plenty of room.

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Got very little done over the weekend. Trying to get hay hauled in, grass to mow, and getting my antique tractor ready for a couple of pulls. I did get the front clip off the jeep for better access. Pulled the mechanical fan off of the bt as I will definitely run electric pusher fan(s). I also got the motor mount assy from the van narrowed to approximately the width inside the frame. I have some grinding to do and have to cut out the clobbered up chevy motor mounts the prior owner put in. Looks like a sawzall and grinder are going to be my buddies for the next couple of evenings. Brought my transmission jack up from the shed too. Gonna need it. Waiting for the pickup tube to arrive so I can swap ends with the pan.

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