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My 4BT is for sale, CPL is 593.
  • Rebuilt VE pump by my local pump shop. I have the receipt.
  • 3200 rpm Governor spring.
  • Diaphragm pump was changed during the swap it has around 10k miles on it.
  • I have a piston lift pump, spacer and bolts but it is the high pressure unit NOT suitable for the VE. You'll have to swap out the spring for it to generate the right pressure. It's included.
  • Eggman's Modified AFC cover. He milled off the bump inside the cover so that you have more adjustment range on the smoke screw.
  • Rebuilt injectors by CrewCab. He managed to find NOS 9mm tips in Germany so I had him do that instead of swapping to 7mm tips.
  • Power steering pump adapter and your standard GM power steering pump.
  • Delco 22si Alternator - 150 Amp. 3-wire. I'll throw in a spare voltage regulator since I no longer need it.
  • Holset HE 221 Turbo on a custom stainless manifold, it has a port for a Autometer Pryo.
  • Modified oil pan. I picked up an aftermarket oil pan and cut down the sump by 2" and lengthened it so you only lost 1qt of oil capacity. I still have the factory oil pan & it's included.
  • Provent 200 oil catch can off the front cover. No oil drips from the road draft tube.
  • KDP fix
  • 750W block heater in the cooling jacket. It's a standard NAPA p/n.
  • Genuine Cummins thermostat. It's the latest p/n from Cummins. Progressive type.
  • I have extra Fleetguard Fuel and oil filters that are included.
  • I have I bunch of paperwork on the engine and you'll get it all. Along with other spare parts and gaskets that I have.

She starts & runs just fine. I've just decided to move to a V8, so it needs a new home. It's been removed from the vehicle so running it would be a challenge. This is a video I took of it running right before I pulled it in to remove. New video by Milosz Kardasinski

Presently, I am unable to ship so you would have to pick it up in New England, zip 03054.

My ask is $4,000 in cash.





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Interested, but can't PM (too new). Can you PM me?


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