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Why not a 47rh?

I just took a built 4l80E out of my 6.5 Suburban and put in a 47RH. I can tell you the RH tranny is a better tranny hands down. I considered building the GM tranny but it was spendy. I had already added a shift kit and new torque convertor to the tune of $2200 and my 6.5 with a Heath chip could still slip it under full throttle. I am certain the Cummin 6BT would have stooped it cold. I am putting down slightly more power with my Cummins than I had with my 6.5 and the 47RH seems to hold up much better to more power. Plus I can help you automate overdrive and lockup for less than $100. My vote is a 47rh Chrysler tranny.
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