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I'm new to the forum. I'm aaron, I'm just a crazy country guy from indiana.

So I've been wanting to build a toy hauler to pull a 40+ft dry van. I love old fords so itll probably end up with a 76-79 four door body and bed on it.

I sure some of this needs to be in the performance section and I will start one there too.

I'm also set on a detroit for my power house.
A few ideas I'm throwing around are.
Rockwell 2 speed front and rear axles. Anyone have any idea on gear sizing? My thought is gear the low gear to haul with and gear the high side for daily highway driving around 70mph at 15 or 1600rpm to get the best mileage possible? Am I thinking to far out of the box?

Would I be best off getting a deuce and pulling it apart to put the ford body on the deuce chassis?

Also a Compound turbo setup with upgraded modernized turbos, modded larger injectors.

I dont like the idea of eether starting anything, so a question I'm wondering about is, would there be room to machine glow plugs into the 4 valve heads?

Building the heads,
does anyone know if there would be enough room to machine the heads to fit the 6v71 or 6v92 valves in a 6v53 4 valve head? Would double valve springs be an issue?

Liner ports,
would it be at all possible to widen the intake ports or lengthen then vertically without destroying the rings, also if I were to machine the ports in the liner and open the intake ports up, would I be better of turning the pistons and putting much wider rings in it? I know if I machine the ports vertically it would change the intake timing. But how much would you be able to move the intake timing before you would start to have to move the cam timing and injector timing?

Sorry if this it too much rambling or my post is scattered. Any input is appreciated.
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