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73-87 4wd Chevrolet truck Cummins 6BT motor mounting plates with removable crossmember and GR 8 hardware. $350

These are designed to work with 94-98 2nd generation Dodge motor mounts and isolators, Take alot of the guess work out of where to place your motor. Factory dodge clutch fan will work with the factory radiator, with plenty of clearance at the firewall. THESE ARE NOT BOLT IN, they REQUIRE WELDING, and other additional fabwork to see full strength. I would suggest running at least a 2.5" lift, though it will fit with no lift; either way bump stops need to be lowered 1.5".

Motor mounted in frame, with optional belly pan skidplate mount

"mini" frame boxing set also available, boxes the frame roughly 6" to either side of the motor mounts

K10, K20, and K30 frame boxing sets are available and in stock. Reinforce your frame from the steering box to past the transmission crossmember. Includes gr 8 steering box hardware and machined DOM sleeves.
k10/20 sets--4bt swaps price $350
k30 set 4Bt swaps price $400
K5 Full set 4Bt swaps price $525

Front set, up to shackles, all models

front set with 1 ton frame transition


blazer frame set

Build thread where I designed the mounts, and a lot more pics!

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[email protected]
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