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First time poster - LOTS of good information here! I have a '77 Dodge Powerwagon for which I'm considering trying a swap. Currently the truck has a 440 with 727 automatic, 203 transfer case and a mile marker conversion (lockout hubs). The truck is a short bed, straight side (not stepside), and has a body lift kit and 33s. It still has the Chrysler 9.25" in the rear and a Dana 44 up front. The 440 has to go. I'm a huge cummins fan already (have a 2006 Dodge cummins dually and just sold a 93 cummins 3/4 ton), and I think the 4bt would be awesome in this truck. People keep telling me to transplant a 5.9 from another Dodge, but having owned two already I feel it's just too much motor for the short bed frame. I think the 4bt would be ideal - and likely closer to the 440 in weight. The biggest question I have is, is there a way I can use my existing tranny and would it hold up? I saw the Phoenix Casting site with the 727 adapters but I'm unsure as to which adapter I'd need for the tranny I have in my truck (need to do more research).

Anyone out there with a 70s era Powerwagon that's done this swap?

Glad to be aboard! I'll keep on reading, learning, and building enthusiasm.
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