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Hi all-
I am posting this for a buddy out in the woods w/ no 'puter. he has a few trucks and is looking to build up a decent DD w/ a diesel engine.

first, the donor.
an 87 Isuzu 4x4 truck, complete runner w/ a broken frame.
looking to put it in a ex-cab pickup or maybe a jeep?
4X4 is not really necessary, but what other tranny options are there??
any suggestions?

And could anyone help ID the engine series that this would be- makes searching a lot easier. 2.2L turbo.

of course an Isuzu would be easiest, but not very easy to find. Also available he has a 98 trooper gasser v6 5 spd 4x4. seems like maybe a hard swap, and not really the pickup that is wanted. this truck is for sale in Maine, unless used for the swap.

He is looking for a truck to tow behind his NPR (6cylTD) truckhouse that he is currently building
So- anyone do any swaps that may have some advice?

abilities range from dropping in the engine in a bolt up replacement to a complete custom fab job.

the current set up uses a pass. side T case, so finding a P/U that matched would save a lot of work, and prolly (maybe?) the cost of having an adapter plate made.( if one is needed- any sources?)
Tranny/ engine mounts are pretty straight forward to fab up.

Well, look forward to any insight/ advice.

Thanks, mo

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The engine will be a C223T

There's a guy on who put one with a 4sp (not turbo I think) into a postal jeep. Take a look there, I can't remember the posters name.
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