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Chevy Conversion

1993 Chev 4x4 5 sp SRW 1 ton.
I did everything possible to the 6.5L to make it pull. Intercooled, timing gears, high output water pump, that engine lost a head gasket, fixed and I was still dissatified and not confident. Went to low-compression pistons, marine pump, high pop injector, ceramic coated head -piston -exhaust, marine turbo and while it was the fastest diesel I have owned, and while it would pull. It did not have the grunt of the Cummins I have in it now.

Stock 6.5- must pull load 68-74 or you were out of sweet spot and need another gear. Good for about 8K loads tops.
Low-compression 6.5- 58-64 was sweet spot. Lots of grunt, and with 4100 rpm, awesome power. Just not dependable - at 44K lost a rod cap.

Cummins - 300 HP setup. Sweet spot is 50-62. Will still pull 5th at 45 loaded. At 55-58 I can get similar mileage towing 12-14K gross as empty. Will pull to 86 governor, if thats what you want. The engine make the truck.

Recently pull several load grossing 19-26K. Acceleration to spare. More go than woe.

Same truck, same gear, sweet pulling spot got lower and power stronger, but no mods compete with the Cummins for pulling.

Have over 100K on conversion. Absolutely worth it.

The 93 and early MFI GM are some of the best years for conversion.

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