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A 91 NPR just fell into my hands. It has unknown problems and I have not had time to tinker with it yet. I have done many 4bt, 6bt and VT275 transplants as well as a boatload of larger diesels but this in my first 4bd1T. This one has the auto tranny. My question is what kind of HP can be milked out of this engine with some pump adjustment? How much power can the stock auto tranny handle? Can I run the pressure up and get thinner frictions and steels for this tranny? Can the converter be locked in lower gears like a 47re.

Trying to figure out what to put it in and if I need to find a different tranny. Thinking about dropping it into a 75 F250 or a 68 F100 but not sure if it has the gonads to push all that metal enough to put a grin on my face like a Cummins. May have to think smaller and drop it in a car.

Wow! Been some years since I have been on this site but I did not expect Crickets.
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